False Memory Syndrome Survivors

revised June 15, 2006

Thousands of families have been tragically hurt by an erring therapy industry.

Therapists have led many adult daughters to falsely accuse their fathers or mothers of abusing them as children. Relationships which should have lasted a lifetime have been perhaps permanently broken due to pressure by therapists to recall and label as "memories" the abuse pseudomemories imagined in therapy. Such confabulated fantasies are common by-products of the suggestion seen in both hypnosis and today's psycho-therapy.

Therapists will not admit to the error in which they continue to engage. While posing as infallible, are professional therapists too puffed up with pride, blinded by greed, and seduced by the power they have over the lives of their clients to notice the harm they are doing? Why else would they continue to manufacture phony victims and destroy innocent families?

Therapy clients may have total confidence in the fantasized images and abuse scenarios they have imagined during therapy. Many use these to blame parents after coming to view them as having been abusive monsters. The therapist often encourages them in this behavior by wrongly labeling their imagination as "memory" and urging the client to set boundaries between themselves and the accused parent. Healthy boundaries do not include refusing to be hugged or touched appropriately, or to refuse to even be in the presence of one's own parents.

Freud made the same mistake around 1900 and published his warning concerning the common occurence of false abuse memories as the result of psycho-analysis. Today's therapists mostly ignore these warnings of their industry's founder. Many will tell you that Freud really believed the abuse stories were true but was afraid of colleague criticism. Why should he have been, they don't seem afraid of the criticism of many fathers and mothers telling them they've been falsely accused, or of the many former clients who have retracted their abuse memories after ceasing therapy, or of their more fact concerned research colleagues whose psychology work is apart from clinical work.

The therapists of today ignore Freud's warning, believing he covered up the truth of rampant family incest to appease his disapproving colleagues. One only need examine Freud's letters to see that this was not the case. In ignoring Freud's warning, these therapists continue to uncover new "victims" who are added to the thousands of phony survivors already created by this industry's folly. Some authors have estimated there are perhaps 3 million of these newly created survivors.

In therapy the client's mind is subjected to increased suggestibility and in this hyper-suggestible state is prone to fantasy. In such a state, false memories are the likely outcome. Often psychotropic drugs are employed which further heighten the client's degree of suggestibility.

Some clients fantasize abuse while others fantasize past lives or UFO abductions. The process is the same, the outcome depending on the mindset of the therapist or hypnotist. The only difference is in the bizarre nature of the newly created fervent belief. If a client comes out of therapy thinking they are martians but only just remembered it, would the therapist still believe them?

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Therapy clients who newly recall being abused are "victims" of toxic therapy. So are their fathers and mothers who love them and pray for them to find reality and come back home. So much family destruction has been caused by therapists based upon the highly questionable theory of "repressed memory" that this must be considered a national tragedy.

One would think that the government or the medical authorities and licensing boards would call such practices to a screeching halt. Unfortunately, due to our culture's lack of regard for truth, and emphasis on profit over patient welfare, the guardians of the public welfare move exceedingly slowly, if at all.

The mental health industry has a long history of quackery, mis-diagnosis, and destroyed-lives under the guise of care-giving. Pre-frontal lobotomy, deliberate infection with malaria, shock treatment, and bleeding are a few examples. There are many others. Quackery such as recovered memory therapy, diagnosis of satanic ritual abuse, and diagnosis of MPD/DID can be added to the list.

It is typical of hypnotic recall for the patient to staunchly defend the veracity of what is recalled, based upon the suggestions of the therapist. The subject's confidence in the recalled material is greatly increased even as the accuracy of what was recalled decreases.

Today's psycho-therapy patients adoringly defend the honor of the offending hypnotist. This process is called "transferance" in the jargon of the therapy industry.

The public which has such a positive view of therapists and the mental health industry needs to base its view upon reality by learning the facts, instead of relying upon therapy industry propaganda and mere surface appearance.

It is clear that the very patients who are being greatly harmed by their therapist continue to feel helped by the therapist, and admire and fervently defend the therapist. Such is the beguiling and deceitful nature of today's therapy. It is psychotherapy's primary product. Delusion.

This enigma is similar to what one sees in any destructive cult. Those on the outside can see the harm being done to the cult members and their family and how they have been brain-washed to accept any form of treatment and the group belief system as being normal. Unfortunately, those ensnared in cult doctrine are under the domination of its leaders and are kept in check with rigorous information control.

Once firmly into the cult groupthought, they no longer have the will to resist. They have given over their will and common sense for expert opinion and the misperceived authority of the therapist and/or group. This can result in an unhealthy dependence.

I sympathize with all persons who have experienced any type of abuse and have never forgotten it. They are often forgotten among the din of women "crying wolf" due to therapy-induced false memories. People who have been victimized but don't define themselves as victims, but endurers and overcomers, are the ones who deserve our respect. Those who focus on self, who slander and dishonor parents based on questionable events from the distant past, deserve our confrontation, and a loving rebuke. Unvarnished truth is a better thing by far for these then therapist flattery and fine sounding but unproven theories.

Children and adults must respect those given authority over their lives by God, or else be considered rebels, and incur the natural penalty which this always receives.

The Bible says "Honor thy father and mother." Many believe this only means to respect parents when they are acting honorably. If honoring parents comes naturally, the bible would not need to mention it. Likely, it is most important to honor parents when they have acted dishonorably. That is the time real love must step forth to cover the shame of the father, lest the bonds of love be broken.

Noah's son Ham saw his father naked in his tent and drunk on wine. Ham went out and exposed his father's shame by telling everyone about his father's sin. Ham was disrespectful. Sort of like today's therapy groups are fond of telling how ashamed they are of their own parents' behaviors. Noah was apparently sinning, so it is not just a matter of speaking the truth, but of also honoring one's father, and covering his shame.

The other two sons, Shem and Japheth, went into their father's tent backwards, so they would not even be aware of their father's sin and covered him with their love.

They did not tell the neighbors or form an adult children of alcoholics group or go on the Oprah show to get a greater audience for their self-pity. They refused to see their father's shame, and covered that shame, to protect and honor their father.

This is not natural and requires a decision of the will. It is against the teaching of today's psychology to honor father and mother in cases such as this, but it is God's way and his principle of authority is always right and best for all concerned.

The sons who covered their father's sin received a blessing, the one who exposed his sin, received a curse on his youngest child and his descendants. Noah's curse was God's curse, for God enforced it. Canaan's descendants turned out wickedly.

"The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men." [psalm 12:8]
The bible considers dishonoring authority to be vile. Most people who read the passage about Noah and Ham probably don't see that Ham did anything wrong, they only see Noah's wrong. We are that insensitized to God's principle of honor owed to our God ordained authority, especially fathers and mothers.

"How long, O men, will you turn my glory into shame? How long will you love delusions and seek false gods?" [psalm 4:2]
This passage is a good description of what we do when we go to psychologists for answers and receive delusions instead of truth.

"There is no fear of God before his eyes[the wicked]for in his own eyes he flatters himself too much to detect or hate his sin."
[psalm 36:1-3]
I think of therapists being unaware of the great mistakes they have engaged in and the tragic destruction of families they have caused. Therapists are blinded by pride and power over another's life and their status as healer, as well as by the greed which motivates all men.

Therapists flatter themselves and thus cannot are unable to detect or repent of their errors. Most therapists do not fear God or they would not encourage psychology's godless counsel against the Lord.

The therapy industry can't speak the truth because it does not know truth. Their clients need to consult the Bible which does! Truth does us no good until it is received and put into practice. We must allow truth to straighten out our lives and bring us back to reality.

Circumstances and problems may continue but our responses to these can be one of hope, faith, and dependence upon the Lord; not upon man, self, or psychology. These false gods which many serve as idols, always fail us, eventually.

The purpose of this website is to confront confused and hurting people who have trusted in the wrong counselors. These counselor-therapists have hidden agendas of their own. They lack regard for truth and for the sanctity of family and marriage.

My purpose is to confront both patients and their therapists with truth spoken in love, truth which can save patients' lives and restore family relationships. As this truth is received, our society will be strengthened and become less violent.

Let us resolve even now, to determine whether we love truth, and if what we now believe, can be proven to be truth, as being what God would call reality.